How to get rid of Eczema? And Eczema scars? NATURALLY.?

Asked: How to get rid of Eczema? And Eczema scars? NATURALLY.?

HELP. I've been suffering for quiet a long time now, and my leg is so itchy! It almost went away once but i keep scratching it! I read something about lemons, and lemon juice? Can someone please tell me a simple way to get rid of it? It's so embarrassing! I can't wear shorts because of it! PLEASE. Someone, give me a simple, fast, natural solution to get rid of it. Around my eczema, i see it's kinda darker ( where it used to be spread out to) I think it's a scar, can someone help me with the scar? Can I actually get rid of it? I heard this girl drinks extra virgin olive oil every night, is regular olive oil ok? Or is there a even better way where i don't have to drink anything! I just wanna get rid of my scars and eczema.


Eczema cannot be cured, just treated.

I think what you need to do is stop scratching it. Apply 'Calamine Diphenhydramine' to lessen the itchiness and apply 'vitamin e' oil to lessen the scars. Vitamin e is a vitamin for the skin. Use the scar remover called 'sebo de matso', a product known in the Philippines. It's cheap and effective :)

First of all, there is no cure for eczema. Eczema is an autoimmune disease caused by genes that over work.

Fever, cold, flu, stress, anxiety, other conditions, toxins from food or other products we use trigger eczema.

You need to see a dermatologist to properly treat it. Lemon will burn the hell out of the spots and make things worse. No home remedy will help you clear the areas. Face it and go see a doctor. ( don't lose more time like we all did, no point )

Eczema does not leave scars. The spots completely disappear after a treatment or on their own. But we can cause scarring by scratching them so hard. If we scratch the spot we damage the first layer of the skin, this causes the production of melanin which comes up into the surface to protect the skin from the damage. Just like when we are sunbathing and we get tanned. Melanin also protects the skin from a sunburn.

You are scratching the spots, damaging the skin that's why dark brown marks (melanin ) are left after eczema has cleared in the area. Dark marks from melanin is not scarring. They go away completely but they need time. Months in some cases. You can use lemon to get rid of melanin faster. Do not use lemon on eczema spots, only on dark marks and be really careful. It can irritate like crazy and make the whole area super red and tender.

I have a mediterranean diet because I live in Europe so I eat virgin olive oil daily in every meal. It's not going to help eczema at any case.

You will need to use a proper corticosteroid cream to treat it. I've found a great one that has no cortisone in and it's not a steroid. It's called Protopic. It will clear the area in a few days completely if used everyday. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist.

The less stress the better. The less chemicals you use daily the better. Use mild moisturizers without alcohol or perfume.


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