White stuff comes out of my nipples when I squeeze them?

Asked: White stuff comes out of my nipples when I squeeze them?

I've had this slight problem for a couple years now, especially after my breasts became fully developed and I know they won't be growing any bigger unless I become pregnant. After I get out of the shower, I notice that my nipple tips have white spots on them. Curious, I squeeze them and found that the white stuff actually came out. It's not running, it's actually quite thick, but not slimy or anything. Kinda like the white impurities that come out when you squeeze a black head.

What is it? Is it harmful? I've been ignoring this for a while now, but now I really wanna know. Could this be discharge from the mammory gland? Or is it something else? I'm 19, and since having this condition I haven't felt any different, nor has it been causing me problems. I'm just curious and slightly annoyed. And yes, I do squeeze the white stuff out when I see it. I also had eczema since I was born, if this helps in any way.



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Unless you have had children, it's NOT milk. Your nipples have little pores that secrete oily stuff to keep your nipples lubricated while breastfeeding. If you aren't using them, the pores can block, so basically they are black heads.I think they are called Montgomery's tubercles or something like that

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